When it comes to children, we don’t want to be hasty or lousy or rude or a hundred other negative versions of ourselves. When I was going through my pregnancy and when I had my daughter; I decided that there’s nothing more important than an informed parent for a child’s development. BabyReally takes cues from everything that children go through or experience throughout their day and provides the most vital and viable information to parents about how they can enhance the baby’s puerile experiences.

The Baby centric products and services reviewed over BabyReally, the recommendations made; are outcomes of close observations to USA- CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Standards), CPC (Child Protection Certification) guidelines and Women’s Choice Awards hosted by various National Dailies.

“For when you smiled, the world came to life”

I’m Kirsten, and this is BabyReally, your Pediatric Consultant for Child Care products. I’m a practitioner of Pediatric Care for last 4 years, with experience from John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

If you’re a parent visit regularly or become a member for learning safe and new ways to take care of your baby. If you’re a baby products/services provider, contact us for having your proposals reviewed and we’ll help parents to reach you. Happy Parenting!