Top 5 Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Now it’s time for your toddler to touch the soft feet on the floor and start walking. These are some of the most precious moments you and millions of parents around the world cherish. However, it seems that you need to care for a few things to make sure that your baby has a safe walk inside the home. You surely would not compromise with anything to protect your baby. One such thing that can help you to get ensured is the best baby gate for stairs. You need this kind of gates, especially for the stairs. So, here’s the list of the best baby gates for stairs.

1. SUMMER INFANT presents Bronze Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Infant Walk-Thru Gate

Free yourself from all the worries when you've got the best baby gate for stairs in your home. Known to be the most compatible gate you can fit this gate at the opening of 28.5-45 inch wide and 36 inches tall. So right from the time when your child is 6 months old, this gate will stay as a guardian until he grows up to 2 years. Installing this stair gate is quite an easy job as you just need to fit the pressure mounted tension bolts and it’s all done for you. Easy single-handed opening lets you hold your baby in one hand while you open the gate and go downstairs. Don’t worry about closing the gate each time as the auto-close feature retracts the gate to its position as you move ahead.

2. EVENFLO presents Xtra Tall Top-of-Stair Gate, Wood

If you’re looking for a durable and sturdy gate that guards your child to the best, then this one will be perfect to buy. Known for its superior service you can open this gate with one hand while your baby cannot. That ensures that your baby is safe behind the gates. This gate can be expanded from 20-48 inch so that it can fit perfectly to the wooden banister or wooden studs. It’s sturdy and not even difficult to install by self. After opening the gate, just slam or kick it back and it will close by itself. The ever-increasing stack of satisfied customers testifies to the fact that this is one of the best top of stairs baby gate.

3. Easy to Close XL Metal Gate (MK009-111) 29.5” – 51.6” Wide, Black by MUNCHKIN

Many people complain that they do not find the right size of baby gate that fits perfectly. This pressure mounted baby gate gives you the ultimate solution for all these issues. Made to fit a width of 29.5-51.5 inch, this gate will probably fit to all the staircase openings. Its special mechanism is designed for an easy opening by adults but when your child tries to open it he just can’t do it. With just a simple push you can close the door lock. Confident with the product, the manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty that builds our trust in this product.

4. KIDCO presents Top of Stairs White Safeway Gate

This is an elegant, lightweight and easy to use the gate that hinders your child from reaching the stairs and protecting him from any harm. Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, this baby gate is strong and sturdy so that you can open and close it many times every day. It has a directional stop that stops the gate from swinging. You can operate with a single hand to make a quick move. With its quick release hardware, you can take this gate off when you don’t need it.

5. CARDINAL GATES presents Stairway Angled White Baby Gate

Now you can attend your chores without worries about your baby when you have this gate installed in your home. Designed to give the optimum level of safety, this gate is made from lightweight aluminum which helps you to easily open and close it. Opening this gate is simple for you but when your child tries to do it he baffles. Its adjustable length of 27-42.5 inch lets you install the gate perfectly and calls for no maintenance. You can mount this gate up to 30-degree angle to fit perfectly. Ensure the best safety for your baby with a safe and sturdy gate for stairs.


There are very few things that are as important as our child’s safety. By putting a few efforts for today you can ensure that your child stays protected from all unfortunate incidents. A baby gate stands like a guardian hindering your baby from reaching the stairs. Your child deserves the best of you and that’s why we have presented the best baby gates for stairs that truly reflects your care. Experience the joy of giving by gifting your child this essential guardian.

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