Top 5 Best Baby Video Monitors

If you are always in a fix when juggling between working and looking after your baby, best video baby monitors are the solution! Do you have to visit the baby room, again and again, to make sure that your little one is doing fine? Well, that’s when baby video monitors come in handy. A video baby monitor allows you to keep tabs on your little one, even when you are busy doing routine work in other rooms. Some baby monitors also alarm you in case the temperature of the room is going too high/low and sing your baby to sleep through lullabies and melodies. Baby monitors also built with IR sensors that monitor baby even at night with the lights out.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

If you are looking a high-end camera quality for capturing some of the most beautiful moments of your precious one, then this infant optics camera is the best option for you. With a stunning 3.5-inch color display, this is best baby video monitor out there for all those parents who are in search for all baby video monitor features. With fantastic night imaging, sound and video quality, as well as features such as zooming, tilting and panning, this baby video monitor allow you to customize viewing angles options too.

Babysense LCD Display Video Baby Monitor

Featuring a mini 2.4 LCD HD display, this product by Babysense is one of the best baby video monitor available for purchase. Allow yourself to make videos with your child, as this video baby monitor has the availability of four distinct cameras. This monitor can also alert in cases of low/high room temperature, sing lullabies for your little one, and enable you to talk directly to your baby via the talkback function. It is an excellent video monitor, for a reasonably decent price range.

Newborn Baby Monitor with Wireless Two-Way Audio, Night Vision Camera (3.5” LCD Screen)

Want to talk to your baby from a more extended range? This long-range baby video monitor provides the chance to talk to your precious one in real time! The night mode of this monitor enables you to record your baby even in the darkest room. Whether you want to sense the temperature of the baby’s room, singing for the baby to sleep by lullabies or capture some fantastic baby video moments through the monitor, this Newborn baby monitor is portable and easy to use.

Baby Monitor 3.2inch LCD Display Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Temperature Monitoring

This 3.2 inches LCD baby video monitor is an excellent choice if you want a portable and high-quality monitor on the go. With the ability to play eight different beautiful melodies, this video monitor will put your baby to sleep. The night mode actively monitors your baby’s movements all day, though the light occasionally becomes too bright in the dark room sometimes. Nevertheless, this product is a fantastic choice for mothers looking for additional baby video monitor features as well, such as temperature sensing and a two-way talking system.

Hello Baby Monitor with Wireless Video monitor, Night Vision Digital Camera (HB24)

Having not only a fantastic camera and video reception with crystal clear sound, but the ability to support up to four cameras as well, this wireless video baby monitor by Hello Baby is long ranged and supports lullaby playing as well as the alarming feature too. The best part of this wireless baby video monitor is that it has a power saving mode called the VOX mode that enables this baby monitor to last up to 12 hours, by turning off the monitor screening through sensing when it is not in use. We highly recommend this product if you are on the search for a good quality monitoring system.


Baby video monitors are boons to the parents as they can efficiently manage their little kid’s needs. It is a fact that no gadget can replace parents love and care, but this type of product can undoubtedly minimize the hazardless of primitive parenting. With unique features such as the live walkie-talkie, the night mode, various tilting and zooming options, temperature sensing and power-saving features, and several innovative gadgets, the baby video monitors have certainly evolved from just being ordinary video monitors. Now, forget worries about leaving your precious ones unattended anymore! These best baby video monitors make sure that your baby sleeps soundly in his/her crib while you regularly keep a lookout for him/her in another room while doing your work!

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