Top 5 Best Glass Baby Bottles For Your Little One

Before few years, when lightweight and unbreakable plastic bottles were introduced, the majority of the parents started using it for their babies and so the glass bottle was outdated. It is true that there are harmful chemicals in plastic made bottles which may not be a good option to let your baby use it. The concern is that plastic is not safe for the health of babies. Therefore, parents must consider going for chemical-free bottle options for feeding their babies. In this regards, the glass baby bottles are considered as an excellent alternative. Let’s have a look at the best glass baby bottles:

1. Joovy Boob Glass Bottles

If you are looking for a convenient and safe option to feed your babies, the glass bottles from the brand are the best. The bottles come with unique nipple design that can facilitate appropriate latching, avoids nipple collapse, and also allows flawless breast-to-bottle and bottle-to-breast transitions. With the view to provide an extra level of safety, a silicone sleeve is provided with this set. You just need to crack that in place on the bottle which you are currently using and then you would obtain a grip. These bottles are competent to withstand abrupt temperature changes. Moreover, you can securely place them in the dishwasher. However, it is found that these bottles are more expensive compared to similar other glass bottles.

2. Philips Avent Glass Bottle

Philips excels in plastic bottles and similarly, this brand offers the best glass alternative to their well-known plastic bottles. It is very simple to use it because it is composed of only three parts that let it quick to clean and easy to use. You need not to go through the instruction manual to use it. These glass bottles are one of the best glass bottles for breastfed babies because they are cautiously engineered from top to bottom, making sure your babies would get the best feeding experience. There is no harm in using it since they are prepared out of high-quality borosilicate glass, a BPA-free material; therefore, there is no concern regarding harmful chemicals going into the milk.

3. Simba 9-ounce Ultra Light Bottles

As implied by the name, the glass bottles from Simba are light in weight. These bottles come with wide necks for the purpose of easy cleaning. This features benefits you a lot while traveling. They are unaffected by the abrupt temperature changes because they can withstand the temperature change up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The product is well-known for being high heat resistance and being anti-colic for gassy baby. As compared to the traditional glass bottles, these bottles are verified to decrease milk stain. The only downside is that while traveling, you should take care that they are packed properly in your bags. The reason is they are actually a thinner glass, so they may break if they hit one another.

4. Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles

If you are looking for the best glass baby bottle which can suit your budget while still offering valuable features then these bottles from Evenflo are the best. The glass bottles set come contains six 8-ounce bottles, lids and nipples. Its nipple is a kind of classic slow flow soft silicone with micro air vents available to avoid nipple collapse. These bottles are easy to hold while you feed your baby. Customers appreciated the durability of these bottles. The plus point of using the product is that they can fit different standard neck breast pumps which let it easy to pump into the bottle directly. It is found that these bottles do not perform well with sudden temperature changes.

5. Dr. Brown's Options 3 Piece Wide Neck Glass Bottles, 9 Ounce

Recently, the brand -Dr. Brown’s discontinued their original glass bottles and then they launched the new glass bottles with a large neck. It is claimed by the company that this product is the first convertible bottle of the market which could use with or excluding the vent system. It comes with controlled flow and so babies can feed at their own speed. The appealing aspect of these bottles is they can preserve bottle milk nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E to maintaining health in infancy. Some users have suggested that these glass bottles are less robust and come with some leaking issues as compared to the original.


For safely and effectively feeding your babies, these glass bottles are best to try. While using any of these bottles, you can stay tension-free regarding the penetration of harmful chemical inside your baby.

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